Rather than simply using the total weight of the items to be shipped, Boxify figures out which box or set of boxes will fit everything in an order, providing your Shopify shop with accurate real-time shipping rates from UPS, FedEx, USPS and Canada Post.


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With shipping carriers now charging by box size ("dimensional weight") for many shipments, it's almost impossible to get accurate shipping quotes. That's because your Shopify shop calculates shipping costs based on total weight, assuming all orders will ship in one box of a fixed size.

That's just not realistic. Using Boxify, your shop can calculate how the various items in each order can fit in the smallest of the boxes you have available. Boxify can even determine if multiple boxes are needed. Your shop will then be able to quote shipping charges accurately, while you save a bundle.

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Install the Boxify app. Then add product dimensions and the sizes of your shipping boxes to your shop. Boxify can now calculate accurate rates for your customers.


Boxify provides detailed instructions for your packer on which box to use to ship a given order and even shows where in the box to place each item so that things fit.


Stop sending gobs of foam peanuts and bubble wrap across the continent. Smaller packages cut down on waste and reduce the number of trucks on the road.


Use smaller boxes


Cut costs now


Ship less air


Pick a monthly plan to fit your needs

Starter Plan

$19 / month

  • Limited needs
  • Up to 250 shipping calculations a month

Standard Plan

$39 / month

  • General use
  • Up to 750 shipping calculations a month

Professional Plan

$69 / month

  • Medium-volume use
  • Up to 1500 shipping calculations a month

Enterprise Plan

$99 / month

  • High-volume use
  • Up to 3000 shipping calculations a month


It's like a game of Tetris.

Only it's in 3D, and mistakes cost money.

Packing Example

Your packer can use some help finding the smallest shipping box for an order. Boxify will show what that is and how everything will fit.



  • Boxify is an embedded app for Shopify shops that provides real-time shipping rates that take into account dimensional (volumetric) weight of the shipment rather than just actual weight. This provides accurate shipping rates.
  • Boxify replaces Shopify's normal real-time shipping-rate calculations for UPS, FedEx, USPS and Canada Post, which are weight-based and assume your shop uses just one default box size to ship all orders.
  • Boxify lets you configure a variety of shipping boxes and optimizes the packing of cart items into these boxes, regardless of the number or size of boxes required to hold everything.
  • Boxify lets you decide which shipping carriers, and which of their services, you wish to make available to your customers at check-out.
  • Boxify shows you, graphically, how to pack each order into one or more boxes according to Boxify's optimized packing algorithm.
  • Boxify does not currently support carriers other than UPS, FedEx, USPS and Canada Post.
  • Boxify does not support freight shipments, or boxes exceeding the weight and size limits of the relevant carriers for their regular package services: rates for larger, heavier boxes will not be returned. These size limits are, at most, 150 lbs and 119 inches, with a maximum length+girth of 165 inches. They may be smaller, though, depending on the carrier. It is the merchant’s responsibility to define boxes (size and maximum weight) that are valid for their selected carriers and shipping zones. These size limits are described at the carriers' websites (for UPS, FedEx, USPS and Canada Post).
  • Boxify does not perform rate calculations for cart items being shipped from multiple origin addresses.
  • Boxify does not support specifying that given box or product is only available for shipments to certain countries.
  • First, you need a Shopify shop, so sign up for a Shopify account if you have not yet done that.
  • Ideally, add Boxify to your shop before it goes live. If adding Boxify to a live store, we recommend doing so during a low-use time of day, which will give you a chance to test that Boxify is correctly set up.
  • From the Shopify app store, install Boxify into your shop and start a free trial. Click on the Help button at the top of the Boxify dashboard and follow the setup instructions provided.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Boxify dashboard, where you will find a preference setting that controls whether Boxify rates are to be displayed during checkout. Adjust that as needed and save your new settings with the button below.
  • Boxify offers a 15-day free trial that includes up to 1000 shipping calculations. To continue to use Boxify after your trial period, you must subscribe to a monthly paid plan by clicking on the "Compare Boxify Plans" button on the Boxify dashboard.
  • Boxify plans are based on the number of shipping calculations your store requires each month, where a month is defined as a rolling 30-day period. We offer a range of plans: Starter through Enterprise, and we will be happy to work with you if your needs exceed our normal offerings.
  • Boxify plan charges are added to your Shopify invoice. Because billing is integrated with Shopify, we cannot automatically move you from one plan level to another based on usage, nor can we provide multi-store discounts or discounts for paying for a year of service in advance.
  • A shipping calculation is not equivalent to an order. During check-out, when a customer seeks a shipping quote, Boxify is queried. This constitutes a shipping calculation. The customer may or may not complete the order, so there's not a one-to-one match.
  • Note that Shopify caches shipping calculations. If a customer requests rates multiple times without changing his address or the composition of his cart, Boxify is not queried, and your account incurs no additional shipping calculations.
  • Exceeding your plan limits is easy to avoid. The Boxify dashboard shows current usage, and you will be emailed automatically should your store reach 80% of its plan limit.
  • If the number of shipping calculations made by your shop exceeds your plan limit, Boxify may stop servicing rate requests from your shop. We recognize that it would be awkward for a merchant to have even a temporary outage, so we will try to contact you if we see that your shop is actively using Boxify but has a plan that is not sufficient to cover its needs.
  • Changing plans is as easy as initial sign-up. Use the "Compare Boxify Plans" button on Boxify's dashboard to sign up for a new plan. The old plan will be canceled and the new one started.
  • You can upgrade your plan during busy periods and downgrade when usage falls off.
  • Boxify allows you to specify the thickness of the padding material you routinely use to surround certain delicate products.
  • You can also specify the thickness of padding you use to line the interior of particular shipping boxes.
  • The Pack Mode setting allows you to specify whether a product should ship "as is" or be packed with other items in a larger shipping box.
  • Note that if a cart item is too big to be packed inside any of the available shipping boxes, Boxify will assume it ships "as is," so that it can return a valid shipping rate for the cart as a whole. The packing geometry will reflect this treatment.
  • Designating a product as "keep vertical" means that Boxify will keep the product's height dimension vertical while optimizing packing options. This may be relevant for books or bottles, for example.
  • For packing purposes, Boxify treats all products and shipping boxes as rectangular cuboids, which is to say, as ordinary boxes.
  • For products that are not rectangular cuboids, you should provide a length, width and height that will encompass the object.
  • Boxify's packing algorithm is smart, but it's not smart enough to nest products. So it's best to sell your Russian dolls in sets.
  • Some boxes are designed to be cut down: they have nice creases on the sides every two inches. If you are using such boxes, you enter both the box's regular height and the minimum height the box can have if you cut it down and fold the flaps along the bottom crease.
  • In determining how a cart will be packed, Boxify will know that everything from the full height to the minimum height of that box is available (in 2-inch increments) and will choose the correct one. This saves you money in the world of dimensional shipping rates.
  • You can see what height such a shipping box needs to be cut down to for a given order by clicking on the "Apps" button on the relevant Shopify Order page and choosing "Packing Geometry."
  • Be sure you have entered a shipping origin address in your shop's administration (Settings > Shipping).
  • Be sure you have assigned dimensions to each of your products (or, at very least, to the ones in the cart you are testing).
  • Be sure you have entered credentials for the shipping carriers you want Boxify to provide rates for.
  • Be sure the shipping box or boxes aren't too big, too heavy, or too numerous for the carrier, service, and destination. (Refer to UPS, FedEx, USPS or Canada Post to better understand such limits.)
  • Consult Shopify's summary of what's required to obtain credentials from FedEx.
  • For UPS, visit the UPS Developer Toolkit page and follow the instructions under "How to Get Started."
  • For USPS, you will need USPS Web Tools API credentials, which can be obtained by filling out USPS's online registration form.
  • For Canada Post, visit Canada Post's Developer Program page and sign in. Click on "Developer Program" and then "API Keys" at the left.
  • For UPS, use the button on Boxify's dashboard to configure carriers and check the checkbox to show the UPS Negotiated rates associated with the UPS credentials provided.
  • For FedEx,the rates displayed will be those associated with your FedEx account.
  • For USPS, the rates displayed will match the USPS rate tier you have chosen (Retail, Commercial Base or Commercial Plus) on Boxify's Carriers page.
  • For Canada Post, the rates displayed will be those associated with your Canada Post account's savings level.
  • You can add additional discounts to the rates Boxify displays for each shipping zone, using the rate-adjustment section at the bottom of the screen where you select which shipping methods to show.
  • You can add a flat or percentage markup to the rates returned using Shopify's normal tools. From Shopify's shipping-settings page, click on the edit link for the shipping zone of interest. Then scroll down to BOXIFY in the carrier-calculated rates section and click on the Edit link next to it. This opens a window where you select shipping methods. Scroll down to rate-adjustments section to set the desired markup and save your changes.
  • Boxify also allows you to add a percentage of the value of the items in a cart (as opposed to a percentage of the shipping costs) to help cover the cost of insuring shipments.



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