Rather than assuming each order will ship in a default package size, Boxify figures out which box or set of boxes can actually hold the items in each different order, providing customers visiting your Shopify shop with accurate real-time shipping rates from UPS, FedEx, USPS, Canada Post and DHL Express.

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With shipping carriers now charging by box size ("dimensional weight") for many shipments, it's almost impossible to get accurate shipping quotes. That's because your Shopify shop calculates shipping costs based on total weight, assuming all orders will ship in one box of a fixed size.

That's just not realistic. Using Boxify, your shop can calculate how the various items in each order can fit in the smallest of the boxes you have available. Boxify can even determine if multiple boxes are needed. Your shop will then be able to quote shipping charges accurately, while you save a bundle.

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Install the Boxify app. Then add product dimensions and the sizes of your shipping boxes to your shop. Boxify can now calculate accurate rates for your customers.


Boxify provides detailed instructions for your packer on which box to use to ship a given order and even shows where in the box to place each item so that things fit.


Stop sending gobs of foam peanuts and bubble wrap across the continent. Smaller packages cut down on waste and reduce the number of trucks on the road.


Use smaller boxes


Cut costs now


Ship less air


Pick a monthly plan to fit your needs

Starter Plan

$19 / month

  • Limited needs
  • Up to 250 shipping calculations a month

Standard Plan

$39 / month

  • General use
  • Up to 750 shipping calculations a month

Professional Plan

$69 / month

  • Medium-volume use
  • Up to 1500 shipping calculations a month

Enterprise Plan

$99 / month

  • High-volume use
  • Up to 3000 shipping calculations a month


It's like a game of Tetris.

Only it's in 3D, and mistakes cost money.

Boxify shows customers correct shipping rates, because it knows how the items can be packed:


  • Boxify is an embedded app for Shopify shops that provides real-time shipping rates that take into account dimensional (volumetric) weight of the shipment rather than just actual weight. It can determine what the smallest box is that can hold everything in the customer's cart. If more than one box is required, Boxify will figure that out, too, and will come up with a packing solution that involves multiple boxes. It will then display live carrier-calculated shipping rates at checkout that reflect how the order can actually be packed. This provides much more accurate shipping rates, allowing merchants to collect an appropriate amount for shipping from their customers.
  • Boxify replaces Shopify's normal real-time shipping-rate calculations for UPS, FedEx, USPS, Canada Post and DHL Express, which assume your shop uses just one default box size to ship all orders.
  • Boxify lets you configure a variety of shipping boxes and optimizes the packing of cart items into these boxes, regardless of the number or size of boxes required to hold everything.
  • Boxify lets you decide which shipping carriers, and which of their services, you wish to make available to your customers at check-out.
  • Boxify shows you, graphically, how to pack each order into one or more boxes according to Boxify's optimized packing algorithm.
  • Boxify does not currently support carriers other than UPS, FedEx, USPS, Canada Post and DHL Express.
  • Boxify does not support freight shipments, only regular package shipments.
  • First, you need a Shopify shop, so sign up for a Shopify account if you have not yet done that.
  • From the Shopify app store, install Boxify into your shop and start a free trial. Click on the Help button at the top of the Boxify dashboard and follow the setup instructions provided in the Quickstart section.
  • Boxify offers a 15-day free trial that includes up to 1,000 shipping calculations. To continue to use Boxify after your trial period, you must subscribe to a monthly paid plan by clicking on the "Compare Boxify Plans" button on the Boxify dashboard.
  • Boxify plans are based on the number of shipping calculations per month your store requires. We offer a range of plans: Starter through Enterprise, and we will be happy to work with you if your needs exceed our normal offerings.
  • A shipping calculation is not equivalent to an order. During check-out, when a customer seeks a shipping quote, Boxify is queried. This constitutes a shipping calculation. The customer may or may not complete the order, so there's not a one-to-one match.
  • Note that Shopify caches (stores) shipping rates for a limtied period. If a customer requests rates multiple times in short order without changing his address or the composition of his cart, Boxify would be queried just once.
  • Exceeding your plan limits is easy to avoid. The Boxify dashboard shows current usage, and you will be notified by email automatically if your shop approaches its plan limit.
  • Yes, you can upgrade your plan during busy periods and downgrade when usage falls off.
  • The Pack Mode setting allows you to specify whether a product should ship "as is" or be packed with other items in a larger shipping box.
  • Set the "Keep Vertical" attribute for that product, and Boxify will keep the product's height dimension vertical while performing its packing options. This may be relevant for books or bottles, for example.
  • You can discount or mark up the rates Boxify displays in two ways. You can do that for each shipping zone independently, using the rate-adjustment section at the bottom of the screen where you select which shipping methods to show for that zone. You can also set carrier-specific rate adjustments in Boxify on the pages where you configure your carriers in the app.
  • The Preferences section of the Boxify dashboard also allows you to add a percentage of the value of the items in a cart (as opposed to a percentage of the shipping costs) to help cover the cost of insuring shipments.



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